John M. Phelan
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Critical Praise


Framing Terror

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Mediaworld: Programming the Public
A Continuum Book
New York: Seabury 1977

"A well-written and graceful statement."

Herbert Schiller
Journalism Quarterly


"Lively, eloquent, and concrete... Reading this book, one is carried along by the intelligence of its exploration, swept up in the pace, in the moral and political sensitivity of the argument... Political-cultural analysis that is important, personal, and compelling."

Donald Hurwitz
Chair, Marketing Communications, Emerson College
Journal of Communication


"A fine introduction to a new environmental movement, one concerned with the quality of the symbolic environment."

Dean George Gerbner
Annenberg School of Communication
University of Pennsylvania


"An exceptional book... I cannot emphasize too strongly that Mediaworld is among the few really solid works on mass communications to be published in recent years. It is beautifully, even at times elegantly written, and closely argued... It could become a major work."

James Carey
CBS Professor of Communication at the Columbia University School of Journalism


"This is a volume that should be widely and thoughtfully read; it is adaptable to seminars and advanced courses in communications and media criticism."

Journal of the American Association of College and Research Libraries


Disenchantment: Meaning and Morality in the Media
Humanistic Studies in Communication Series
Hastings House New York 1980

"One of the more learned and provocative discussions of how communicative forms shape the way we think about the world and see ourselves acting in it and on it."

Julian Jaynes
Princeton University


"A mischievous debunking of media moralists in the service of awaking us to the real problems of media as he sees them."

Peter Dahlgren
Gazette (Amsterdam)
Lund University (Sweden)


Apartheid Media: Disinformation and Dissent in South Africa
Lawrence Hill / Chicago Review Press 1987

"John Phelan has written a stimulating, provocative, and important book,
from an original perspective"

Leonard Thompson
Charles J. Stille Professor of History Emeritus at Yale
Director Yale-Wesleyan Southern African Research Program
author of The Political Mythology of Apartheid and South African Politics


"Political cynics deride the notion that the hearts and minds of people make any real world difference. In this fascinating book on the media response to South African apartheid, John Phelan brilliantly demonstrates that the cynical wisdom is wrong."

Michael Harrington
President of the Democratic Socialists of America
author of The Other America and The Next Left


"In the complex assemblage of mechanisms which maintain apartheid, none is more crucial than government management of mass media. John Phelan's first-hand study of this subject - and of the roles of opposition and world media in response to it - will be invaluable to all students of the South African tyranny."

Norman Rush
author of Mating



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